Bridesmaid Robes


The Fusion Movement is a new wave of weddings for the woman of the 21st Century - that girl who's not afraid to sail away from the safe harbour. She believes no snowflake ever falls in the wrong place. That freedom is oxygen for the soul. She subtracts the obvious from life + adds the meaningful. She believes that if something feels right, it probably is. To her, love is either MAD, PASSIONATE + EXTRAORDINARY or it's a waste of time. Wherever she is, she's ALL there.

The Fusion Movement rejects the over-sold, under-souled commodity that weddings have become. We believe the one + only reason for a wedding is to celebrate the fusion of two souls. The Fusion Movement is bringing this truth back to weddings by offering an alternative to the traditional, over-styled perfectionist approaches that hypnotize you with swarovski crystals + leave you high on scrapbook glue. We aim to help you GET YOUR NAMASTE ON by offering simple, sophisticated, stylish products that celebrate your FUSION. 

Inspired by the Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy, Enrobe is the first line in The Fusion Movement range with others dropping soon! 

Replace the rhinestone robes of the 90's. Join the movement + let your soul sparkle.