Enrobe Bridesmaid Robes


Born out of a love of simplicity + swagger, these edgy threads are for you... the professional DREAMER + LIFE LOVER. Owner of a permanent smile who leaves a trail of sparkle wherever she goes. You're a HIP SHAKER. A RAIN DANCER. A BELIEVER that life is about using the WHOLE box of crayons. You, my friend... you were BORN with glitter in your veins.

Thank your sister from another Mister, that babe who's been intrepidly wandering the earth by your side helping you follow your inner moonlight. She's that wonderful human you look to for wedding inspo. That girl who reminds you which CHAKRA needs spinning when you lose balance. That lady who lets YOU be YOU.

Bridesmaid Robes


Meet Kate - our LIFE LOVING, MARGARITA SIPPING, FLOWER CROWN ROCKIN', KIMONO-CRAZY Founder + Creative Director. She's the QUEEN of the cheese platter + lover of everything that SPARKLES. This babe exudes POSITIVE VIBES.

But even the best of us lose balance sometimes. And as a bride, Kate's killer smile was buried somewhere between fake crystal chandeliers + inedible marzipan. Like everything in her life though, give this lady lemons + she'll slice those SUCKERS + down them with TEQUILA. 

And so Enrobe by The Fusion Movement was born... to help brides GET THEIR NAMASTE ON. Celebrating everything WABI SABI... from imperfection, simplicity + rustic beauty to simply being a HAPPY CAT.

Stay connected to the earth. Love life + it will love you right back!